Why You Should Focus on Your Health Complaints Instead of Ignoring Them

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When was the last time you really assessed your health? We often review our finances and our budget to ensure our spending is under control. Or we assess our time and commitments when we feel too busy and unable to get everything done.

But our health. How often do we really assess that?Living with unexplained health problems such as anxiety and depression, autoimmune disease, and acne and eczema can wreak havoc on your life. You do not have to suffer from these symptoms any longer. Find out more at You Are Well!

Do you even notice the afternoon headaches anymore, or have they just simply become a part of your day?

Is PMS so normal that you write it in your calendar as an event that can’t be avoided?

Do you strategically choose a loose outfit when you’re going out to eat because the bloating that follows the meal is inevitable?

Or how about that concealer that you have on autoship since you go through it so quickly and cannot risk being out of it because you have to cover your acne or dark circles under your eyes?

Friends, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to actually feel better; to feel free of these symptoms that are subtly weighing you down?

If you’re ready, then let’s start. Right now! Anytime we set out to make a change, to set a goal, to create a plan, we have to start with a clear picture of exactly where we are beginning.

So where are you beginning? How is your digestion? How is your skin? How is your energy, your weight, your mood, your emotions?

Do you suffer from digestive discomfort, anxiety and depression, acne and eczema, migraines, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, or just don't feel well?

Not just “how is it” in comparison to how it’s been, but how is it in comparison to how is SHOULD be. Dream big, ladies. Think of those ideal states that may feel unachievable and out of reach.

It’s time to recognize and acknowledge all those health symptoms, no matter how little or minor they may be, so you can begin taking steps to health you forgot was possible. Believe it or not, it may not be as out of reach as you think. Food sensitivities may be causing many of your health complaints and relief is possible by letting your body naturally heal itself.

If you’re ready to take stock, then begin to uncover the connection between the foods you’re eating and the symptoms you’re experiencing with You Are Well's Elimination Diet. This 3-phase program guides you through the step-by-step process to discovering the foods that are right for you so you can eat in a way that promotes the kind of health you long for.

For support and community with other women, many of them on the same journey as you are, join us at the A Different Approach to Health™, a group of women supporting each other as they find health, raise families, and live well!

In the meantime, don't forget to grab your free copy of the Ultimate Grocery Guide to get you on the fast track toward a kitchen full of healthy, whole, delicious food.

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  1. Sarah @ MyNaturalBabyBirth.com

    I try to always listen to my body every day and give it what it needs. I've suffered with digestive issues my entire life and still don't have them all figured out. But things are a lot better than they used to be because I started paying attention. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Sophie

    SO true! It doesn't have to be that way. Food affects me so much. I am so thankful that I finally discovered that I just can't eat gluten or soy. I am actually doing whole30 right now to even clean up my diet more.


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