Episode 025

When we think of healthy, we associate that word with positivity. Health, for many of us, often conjures up an image of someone who is thin, lean, and toned. We think of health, and we think of someone who has the “perfect” body. However, our looks, and more specifically, losing weight, do not determine our health. In this podcast episode, Rebekah will be discussing what happens when our pursuit of health becomes harmful, and why having an obsession with attaining a specific body image can lead you down a path of even worse health. You will learn what signifies having an unhealthy body image, and be given tips on how to improve your mindset regarding how you feel about your body, health, and self-worth.

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Episode Highlights:

  • How having an unhealthy body image can create an obsession with achieving specific health/body goals.
  • Why weight loss is not synonymous with health.
  • The connection between stress and an unhealthy body image.
  • What defines an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • How to improve your body image and relationship with food.

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