Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson

Wellness Advisor

Hello! I am Crystal,

and I am thrilled to be a part of the You Are Well team. I started the path of changing my lifestyle when I quit my full-time theatre teaching job to stay home with my girls in the fall of 2012. I learned about an acquaintance who had a blog and coaching business helping women with fat loss. I started reading her blog and using my creative energy to change the way my family ate, slowly swapping out more processed foods with more natural, whole foods. I started working out more and enjoying the feeling of getting in shape.

After an intensely stressful season in life, I started having strange symptoms and digestion problems. Working with Rebekah, we determined that I was struggling with adrenal fatigue. I had to continue to adapt my diet and lifestyle to heal. I have discovered that rest and sleep were an important component of wellness that I had neglected previously. Learning to take time to do things that are enjoyable and relaxing and to sleep more regardless of my “to-do” list are important lessons I am learning to practice. I am excited to help others find what it takes for them to be well, also.

Crystal Jackson's Family
  • I live in the beautiful Charleston area of South Carolina.
  • Things I love: Spending time in and on the water with my family, cooking and feeding people, learning to garden, teenagers, kickboxing, theatre, and podcasts
  • Hobbies: Reading, planning events, and fishing
  • Quirks: I narrate my life with show tunes, I have to wear gloves to wash dishes or work in water, and I cannot dance at all.

  • Cooking style: Eclectic
  • Latest food fetish: Cabbage & collards
  • Favorite chocolate: Theo dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  • B.S. in Speech Education
  • MSHN in progress from Hawthorne University
  • 11 years teaching in a brick and mortar classroom and 4 in a virtual setting
  • Personal experience in several nutritional protocols