Functional Wellness Coach

Hi there – I’m Monica

and I am here to help spread the word Food IS Medicine! After suffering life altering health challenges and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel through conventional medicine – I turned towards what some call “alternative” medicine. I call it proactive medicine.

I listened to my inner voice – listened to my body and sought out the answers and professionals I needed to make me, ME again. I can honestly say that I am in a much better place today.
The hectic lifestyle that was, has been replaced with a balanced, gentler life. Though it may seem hard to believe, I am grateful for my struggles. Without which, I never would have learned to appreciate the little things and to live in the moment. Plus I may never have found my passion – Nutrition! I hope I may be a source of support and perhaps a reminder that you can change your health – knowledge is power!

Rebekah Fedrowitz's Family
  • 73° is farthest North I’ve been. That’s the Arctic … but I never saw a Polar Bear!
  • Things I love: Time with friends and family, cottage vacations, travel and chocolate.
  • Hobbies: Painting, yoga and reading (sometimes 2 books at once!).
  • Quirks: Love singing Karaoke – look out when a Bon Jovi song comes on!

  • Cooking style: Making healthy foods feel like an indulgence.
  • Favorite Food: I am crazy about Figs!
  • Law Clerk Diploma: 20+ years working as Paralegal
  • Nutritional Education: Continuing Studies – Holistic Nutrition Program
  • 15+ years eating Gluten Free and researching all that is Nutrition!