Rebekah Fedrowitz

Rebekah Fedrowitz

You Are Well Founder | Holistic Nutritionist

Hi friend! My name is Rebekah,

and I’m the founder of You Are Well, a virtual community that educates, empowers, and supports you to approach health naturally, and the author of Healthy Gourmet for Everyday cookbook. I understand what it’s like to not understand; to be doing everything “right” yet making no progress; to feel alone. I am passionate about freeing women from the traps of dieting and band-aid solutions to their health challenges. I believe that nutrition is an important part of the body's healing process and the best health starts with the right diet that's specific to each individual. Nourishing foods do not have to be a compromise; the best “diet” is both delicious and satisfying. I founded You Are Well to provide a community that can teach you what you need to know in a way you can understand, give you the tools to apply what you learn in your REAL life, and connect you to a community that supports and encourages you to approach health naturally.

Rebekah Fedrowitz's Family
  • My family moves around a lot….like A LOT! Since marrying my husband, we have lived in 5 different cities and 4 different states. Oh the life of a construction wife! We currently reside in Stamford, CT, but stay tuned as this information changes often. We may be neighbors one day!
  • Things I love: Spending time with my husband and my son, cooking, the beach, traveling, and of course a good cup of coffee
  • Hobbies: Sailing (our newest hobby) and crocheting
  • Quirks: I have a pretty serious personality, but you never know when I might break out into a spontaneous dance party. And I cannot follow a recipe to save my life.

  • Cooking style: Fresh and impromptu
  • Latest food fetish: Fennel
  • Favorite coffee: Speckled Axe out of Portland, ME
  • Masters Diploma in Nutrition (MDN), Edison Institute of Nutrition
  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition (BCHN), Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board
  • Digestive Intensive Graduate, Holistic Nutrition Lab
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
  • Food Psychology Coach, The Spencer Institute
  • Sports Yoga Instructor, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
  • Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Virginia Tech
  • Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplements in Practice coursework
  • Masters Thesis: Nutritional Therapies for Improvement of Estrogen Dominance
  • Author of Healthy Gourmet for Everyday cookbook