Robyn Arthur

Social Media Coordinator

My name is Robyn

and I was drawn to the You Are Well team because their core values and mission really resonated with me. I spent many years of my life dieting and struggling with creating balance when it came to food. I began educating myself and have learned to embrace one of the most powerful phrases: “food is medicine.” I love to support and help others in their journey to finding the best health for themselves and their family.

Rebekah Fedrowitz's Family
  • I’m a California born girl, who spent almost 10 years of my childhood in New England before returning to the Golden State in high school and have been here ever since. I am married to a transplanted Texan and we have 3 beautiful daughters who keep us busy every day. They have introduced the challenge of incorporating healthy food and nutrition into our busy, on the go lifestyle, all while dealing with picky palates!
  • Things I love: My family, fresh air, lakes and the ocean, fresh food, essential oils & dark chocolate.
  • Hobbies: Seeking endorphins thru running, barre, or practicing yoga. I also love boating, camping, and traveling.
  • Quirks: I always have to have water with me when I leave the house or I will feel like I am in the Sahara Desert!

  • Cooking style: Fresh & easy, with the ultimate goal of it being something my whole family will eat!
  • Latest Food Fetish: Homemade Smoothie Bowls
  • Consumer engagement, marketing, and social media specialist. I have worked in marketing, sales, business development, and higher education.
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing, California State University Fullerton