Hi, I’m Rebekah

I help women identify, combat & recover from adrenal overload.

Hi, I’m Rebekah

I help women recover from stress & restore their health so they can confidently pursue their purpose.

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About Me

Like most women, I am many things. I’m a wife and mom, a daughter of God, and a lover of good food. I’m also a board-certified holistic nutritionist and an integrative wellness speaker, author, and podcast host.

My passion is helping women transform their health so they can transform the world.

I’ve experienced first-hand the damaging effects of stress and burn-out, and I learned that in order for women to be the world-changers I know we are created to be, we must take care of all facets of our health.

It’s an honor for me to walk alongside so many amazing women as they begin to live into the abundant life and purpose God created for them.

The latest on the podcast

047: My Top 5 Health Mistakes

047: My Top 5 Health Mistakes

MY TOP 5 HEALTH MISTAKES ...and what you can learn from them. Episode 047As I reflect back over my health journey, there are many things I would do differently if given the chance to. In this episode, I'm sharing my top five mistakes in hopes that it can help you...

046: Living Your God Dare When Life is Hard with Kate Battistelli

046: Living Your God Dare When Life is Hard with Kate Battistelli

LIVING YOUR GOD DARE WHEN LIFE IS HARD with Kate Battistelli Episode 046Walking out our purpose from God can be challenging when faced with hard circumstances and we can often wonder if we are truly hearing from God. God can still use us in the midst of whatever is...

045: PMS: The Myth & The Solution

045: PMS: The Myth & The Solution

PMS THE MYTH & THE SOLUTIONS Episode 045What if I told you that no amount of PMS is normal? Would you believe that breast tenderness, bloating, and mood swings are actually signs that your hormones aren’t as balanced as they could be? We’ve come to believe that PMS is...


isn’t the absence of problems

but the ability to

thrive in spite of them.

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