Hi there! I’m Rebekah,

a board-certified holistic nutritionist

& integrative wellness speaker

My Story

I’m a dreamer and a doer; a try-hard, go-getter whose ambitious drive has frequently left me in the dust, picking up the pieces of my stress-ridden life & struggling health.

My health journey started over 20 years ago with a desire to live healthier. What I didn’t realize then was just how wrong most health advice is and that my efforts would send me in downward spiral of trying harder, but only getting worse.

I’ve struggled with hormonal imbalances, weight gain, adult acne, digestive issues, allergies and sinus problems, anxiety and depression, and adrenal fatigue.

The worst part…when I sought help, I kept being told that I was “fine” and everything was “normal.”

Eventually, I discovered natural health and holistic nutrition. For the first time ever, my health challenges started to improve.

I wish I could tell you that was the end of my health struggles, but stress got the best of me again…and again. Even though I was doing the right things for my physical health, I was missing the spiritual health piece, which was critical to the full wellness I was seeking.

As I’ve walked through my own health journey and worked with women from all over the country, I have discovered that most of our society approaches women's health all wrong!

We need to be looking at the big picture, considering the connection of physical, mental and spiritual health so we can be fully well.

Now, I’m passionate about giving women a different – and better – approach to our health. I believe women can change the world, and I’m here to help them live into true wellness so they can pursue their ultimate purpose.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a recovering perfectionist who fails in my efforts pretty much daily. #grace
  • My hubby & son are my whole world!
  • My favorite activities include eating at the hottest restaurant, enjoying a day at the beach, and all things cooking!
  • I love to travel and see the world, and I do it full of travel anxiety. (Thank God for supplements, calming music, and prayer!)
  • We’re a nomad family thanks to my husband’s career. In the last 12 years, we’ve moved 9 times within 6 cities and 5 states.
  • I geek out about wine. Like full-on nerd about soil, regions, aromas, and palate.
  • I hate ketchup (gross!)…and love mustard.